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Have a Heart, Save a Heart

And now a message from Fiddlehead Media Inc.’s president, also known as Stacey. If you can contribute, write to me and we’ll work out logistics. I’ll match any contributions sent in response to this post.

It is slaughter time again at Wolfe’s Neck Farm, where I periodically do volunteer animal care, and I wanted to see if anyone might be able to help contribute to saving a few of our woolly friends. For $125 per animal (which is half of what they would get for the meat), the farm is willing to let them go to a wonderful place in Anson, Maine, run by Beth and her husband Jerry, who so kindly adopted our sheep friends Harry and Sally last year. They get lots of love, food and plenty of room to roam there. Five lambs are up and I’d love to see if together, we could save at least two. The money for the lambs goes to running the educational program at the farm, which is a wonderful way for children to learn about animals and farms. I know it’s a terrible time to be spending money on non-necessities, but it is a tax-deductible contribution so you can consider it your charitable giving for the year! Let me know if, and how much, you might be able to contribute and I’ll see if we can save a couple of these sweet creatures. Any amount will do! Thank you so much.

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