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Annual Site Maintenance Accomplished

I added links to a bunch of podcasts and a few articles. Who knows why?

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Kafka Summers in Maine

I arrived at a friend’s place at 5:20 this morning to run. When we got back at 6:40 I had a parking ticket for an overnight violation. I called the ticketing people to see how I could dispute it.

Parking dude: An overnight violation doesn’t necessarily mean you parked there overnight. Basically, you can’t park there between midnight and 7:00 a.m. Does she know about it?

Snotty Scotty: I doubt it, given that there aren’t signs anywhere on the street announcing it.

Parking dude: Right, there aren’t signs. It was a city ordinance that went into effect in the 70s. Letters were mailed out then.

Snotty Scotty: That was before she was born, so she probably didn’t get that letter.

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