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2012 Completed Book #2

#2. Lost Memory of Skin, by Russell Banks

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“Sure. Umm.”

That’s the beginning of almost every answer I give in this lengthy podcast with Jay Johnson. Some of the answers improve after that. Meanwhile, my voice deteriorates noticeably over the hour; that’s about as much talking as I usually do in a day.

With that promo, how can you not be tempted to listen?

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2012 Completed Book #1

Toward the end of last year I started wondering how many books I finish in a year, so for lack of a more convenient place to keep a list I’ll keep up with, I’ve decided to do so here.

I recently joined the first book club of my life, and have the sense that doing so will, oddly, result in fewer books finished, because I’ll always be focused on getting one done for the monthly meeting and maybe then want to take a break from what might come to feel like assigned reading. (I don’t recall reading a lot of books other than textbooks during the school year in college, for instance.) Anyway…

#1: Why Read Moby-Dick, by Nathaniel Philbrick.

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